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Frequently asked questions: Qatar Mobile Payments

What is Qatar Mobile Payments account?

It is an account that you can open and use via the HSBC Qatar mobile banking app. Qatar Mobile Payments account is used for sending and receiving funds using a payee’s mobile number or an alias that is linked to the payee’s account.

How do you register for Qatar Mobile Payments?

If you’re already using the HSBC Qatar app, log on and navigate to ‘Transfer’, ‘Qatar Mobile Payments’ and complete the registration.

If you haven’t used the HSBC Qatar app before, you’ll need to download and activate the app first.

I am not a HSBC customer; can I access Qatar Mobile Payments, via the HSBC app?

Yes you’ll need a wallet account to register for Qatar Mobile Payments.

Visit any HSBC branch and one of our colleagues will be able to assist you in opening a wallet account and providing you with credentials to register and logon to the HSBC Qatar app where you can access and use Qatar Mobile Payments. 

What is a wallet account?

A wallet account like a bank account is used for sending and receiving funds, it is available to unbanked customers and visitors allowing them to register, access and use Qatar Mobile Payments.

Existing customers can use an existing account or create a separate wallet account to send and receive funds.

Can I register for Qatar Mobile Payments using my current account?

Yes, you can use your usual current account or savings account to register and make Qatar Mobile Payments.

What’s an alias?

An alias is similar to a username and is another way to register for Qatar Mobile Payments. Your alias is a safe and secure way to share your payment details without disclosing your mobile number or your account details.

If you decide to use an alias to register for Qatar Mobile Payments, you must use uppercase English characters between A-Z and 0-9. We'll automatically add the suffix @HSBC to your alias. For example, if you input AHMED88 we’ll store it as AHMED88@HSBC.

What's OTP?

OTP is a one-time password that will be sent to your registered mobile number in order to verify the registration process.

How do you fund a Qatar Mobile Payments wallet account?

Existing customers can make an internal transfer using Online Banking or the HSBC Qatar app.

Unbanked customers and visitors can fund the wallet account via branch.

What mobile numbers can I make payments to?

Payments can only be made to valid Qatar mobile numbers, by inputting the 8 digits of the mobile number.

Is there a transaction limit?

Can I send funds to any payee?

To send and receive funds via Qatar Mobile Payments both the sender and the payee need to be registered for Qatar Mobile Payment service.

Does Qatar Mobile Payments account support international transfers?

No, Qatar Mobile Payments is only for domestic transfers.

Are there any fees or charges?

Fees and charges if applicable can be found in the Tariff of Charges located here.

What authorisation is needed to complete the transfer?

You'll need to authorise transfers by using your biometrics eg Fingerprint or Face ID. Alternatively, you can use the 6-digit PIN you set up when you first registered for mobile banking.

How long does it take to make a transfer?

The transfer will be credited to the payee’s account instantly. If for any reason there is a problem, a message will be displayed.

How can I check that a Qatar Mobile Payments transfer has been successful?

Check with your payee to see if they have received the transfer.

If the transfer has not been received, please contact us on 4441 1550 (within Qatar) +974 4441 1550 (outside Qatar).

What's a merchant?

A merchant is any business, institution or company that supports transfers through this feature.

What's a QR code?

A Quick Response (QR) code is type of square bar code that contains unique information about the payee's details.

What's scan and pay?

You can scan a QR (Quick Response) code provided by your payee or merchant and it will confirm the transfer details for the transaction you want to make. In some cases, you'll still need to manually input the amount being transferred.

When can I use scan and pay?

Scan and pay can be used to make a transfer to an individual, merchant or a government entity by scanning the QR code provided by the payee or merchant.

What's the difference between static and dynamic QR codes?

Static QR codes fixes the amount of the transfer and cannot be edited. A dynamic QR code requires the amount of the transfer to be manually entered.

Can I generate my own QR code?

Yes, go to ‘Transfer’, ‘Qatar Mobile Payments’ then select 'Generate QR code', and a QR code will be created that can then be shared for transfers.