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Wealth Accumulation Plan

Offers the potential for investment growth

HSBC Wealth Accumulation Plan (WAP)

Get a Wealth Accumulation Plan (WAP) allows you to make both regular and single contributions, offers the potential for investment growth, and is adaptable enough to change as your circumstances change.


With the HSBC Wealth Accumulation Plan, you will get:

  • Zurich’s flexible Investment plan
  • Life insurance wrapped with your investment portfolio
  • Flexible payment options of yearly, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly or a single premium
  • Option for single life, joint life second death, multiple life last death
  • You can make single or increase your regular contributions to your plan at any time
  • Available in USD, AED, Sterling, Euro, QAR, Bahraini Dinars
  • Extensive and comprehensive range of investment choices
  • Worldwide coverage provided by Zurich which covers death

Product overview

Important information

Zurich’s Wealth Accumulation Plan is provided and underwritten by Zurich International Life.

This is only general information and does not constitute an offer to buy or sell an insurance product or service. It is also not intended to provide any insurance or financial advice. A person interested in this product should read and consider the Product Brochures, Product Summary and Benefit illustration in deciding whether to buy this product. You can ask for these documents from any of our Branches.

Buying a life insurance plan is a long-term commitment. An early termination of the plan usually incurs high cost and the surrender value payable (if applicable) may be less than the total premiums paid. The terms & conditions applicable to these products will be of Zurich International Life and the applicant or the plan holder will not hold HSBC responsible for processing, claims or otherwise.

For the avoidance of doubt, HSBC does not provide tax advice and you should seek your own external tax advice in relation to this product.


  • Restrictions to certain nationalities
  • If the life assured commits suicide (whether sane or insane at the time) within 60 months of the Policy commencement date, the amount payable under the Policy will be limited to the Policy Value at the date of death
  • If a benefit is payable as a direct or indirect consequence of any act of the Life Insured which is a deliberate and material violation of any law

Exclusions have been kept to a minimum. Details of full exclusions will be available on the Zurich policy terms and conditions.


You can apply for Wealth Accumulation Plan:

  • If you're over 18 years old with no maximum age
  • As an individual, joint, trustees or a company
  • Holding a valid Qatar resident visa
  • If you hold an HSBC account

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