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Take advantage of a wide range of investment opportunities


  • Issued by governments and corporates from different countries, regions and industries
  • Denominated in different currencies i.e. USD, GBP or EUR, as well as different tenures
  • Relatively lower volatility compared to equities: add stability and diversify your investment portfolio
  • Receive stable income on your capital throughout the tenor of the bond

HSBC offers customers a selection of over 100 international bonds from the US, Eurozone and Asia.

World Selection Portfolios

  • 5 different funds: accommodating different levels of risk and return according to your comfort level
  • International, diverse investments: choose the ones most appropriate for your financial goals
  • Hand-picked fund managers and analysts: experts that can spot good investments around the world
  • Daily monitoring by our global network of investment experts

Take advantage of a wide range of investment opportunities on an international scale.

Mutual Funds

  • Set up your own portfolio from a range of bond, equity and specialist investment funds
  • Enhance your current investments with funds from markets you might not have looked into before
  • Move your money between funds up to 6 times annually, as conditions change
  • Get a selection from over 30 individual funds

Choose from a wide international selection of investment funds to suit your needs.

Wealth Management

  • Helping you plan your financial future with Financial Planning Services
  • We'll assess your particular circumstances, current financial holdings and risk profile
  • Fulfill and manage your retirement ambitions and fund your children's education or marriage plans
  • Protect you family's future against life's uncertainties

Let us help you complete your retirement plans and keep your dreams on course.