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What is Voice ID?

Voice ID is a new speaker authentication technology.

It captures a voice sample from a live caller, compares it to a previously stored voiceprint, and produces a confidence score of how closely the caller's voice sample matches the voiceprint.

A voiceprint includes more than 100 unique physical and behavioral characteristics of a person such as length of the vocal tract, nasal passage, and pitch, cadence, accent, etc.

Independent research has shown that a voiceprint is unique to an individual, just as a fingerprint is.

Who is eligible to use HSBC Voice ID?

HSBC Voice ID is available to all Wealth and Personal Banking (WPB) customers in Qatar, who are 18 years or older.

You need to be registered for HSBC phone banking services and have your phone banking PIN. 

If you don’t have one, you can call either the HSBC Premier, HSBC Advance or HSBC Personal Banking hotline, depending on your account type, and we will help you register.

When can I start using HSBC Voice ID?

You can start using HSBC Voice ID from 11 December 2020.

What is the benefit of Voice ID?

Voice ID makes identifying yourself easier and enhances your security.

Successful Voice ID eliminates the need for entering PINs or answering additional security questions, making it possible for you to speak a simple phrase to identify yourself.

How do I register?

Before you start, make sure you have the following information ready at hand: 

  • phone banking number or Credit Card number or Debit Card number
  • your phone banking PIN

Step 1: Call the HSBC Voice ID Enrolment Hotline at 800 8642

Step 2: Follow the instructions as prompted 

Step 3: Be prepared to repeat the passphrase ‘My voice is my password’ to provide three good utterances (maximum five), to allow us to create your individual voiceprint

Once you agree to the Terms & Conditions, you’ll be all set and ready to use your voice instead of your phone banking PIN, the next time you call to make an enquiry or a transaction.

If I have a cold, can Voice ID still verify my identity? What if I am in a noisy place, or if it’s a bad line?

Normal fluctuations in a person's voice won't cause Voice ID to fail.

If you have a cold or your voice changes over the years, the system will adapt to these changes and will be able to identify you by using over 100 characteristics of your voice.

You will have two chances to say the passphrase to be verified every time you call to use our phone banking services.

In exceptional situations where you may have a more severe illness that affects your voice or the background is too noisy, the system may fail to recognise you.

If the system is unable to verify your voice, you will be automatically directed to our call centre agents, who will help you resolve the issue.

To increase your chances of successful verification of your voice, we encourage you to avoid calling from noisy locations.

Can others use a recording of my voice to access my account?

HSBC has several measures in place to ensure that the system is not breached by a recorded playback of a person's voice. 

Our technology is able to quickly flag whether the spoken voice coming into the system is recorded or live, or whether speakers have changed.

What about an impersonator? Could someone easily trick the system?

No, it will be extremely difficult for imposters to get through by imitating your voice. 

There are more than 100 characteristics being measured when it comes to evaluating someone's voice and matching it against a voiceprint – unique to each person. 

This includes both physical characteristics 

  • the size and shape of the larynx or nasal cavity, for example 
  • and behavioral characteristics – rhythm of speech, intonation, accent, etc. 

While behaviors can be easily mimicked, physical voice characteristics cannot, and this prevents impersonators from "tricking" the system. 

HSBC has a number of protocols in place to ensure highly accurate matching of a person's voice against their unique voiceprint.

What if I have a speech impediment, use a synthetic speech device or mobile apps to speak?

You may continue to use your phone banking PIN for verification when you call to use our phone banking services, as you do today.

What if I forget/don’t have my phone banking PIN?

To reset/get your phone banking PIN, you can call either HSBC Premier, HSBC Advance or HSBC Personal Banking Hotline, depending on your account type to reset/get your phone banking PIN.

Can I choose whether to be verified by my phone banking PIN or HSBC Voice ID?

HSBC Voice ID is optional. However, once you have successfully enrolled for HSBC Voice ID services, we will automatically use your voice as the verification method when you call us for phone banking services going forward.

If you choose not to use HSBC Voice ID services, you can continue to use your phone banking PIN for verification, as you do now.

Will the services provided via phone banking be any different if I choose HSBC Voice ID verification? Are there any additional services or limitations due to verification by Voice ID vs. phone banking PIN?

No, you will have access to the same services that are currently provided through HSBC phone banking, regardless of whether you are using Voice ID or phone banking PIN for verification.

What if I forget which language I chose for HSBC Voice ID recording?

When you use our phone banking service and once you have successfully entered your account number, the Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) will prompt you to repeat the HSBC Voice ID passphrase in the language you chose during enrolment.

Can I choose to opt-out of HSBC Voice ID services once I have enrolled?

Yes, you can opt-out of HSBC Voice ID service at any time. To opt out, you can call either the HSBC Premier, HSBC Advance or HSBC Personal Banking Hotline, depending on your account type and we will update your profile status for you.

What should I do if my HSBC Voice ID service is temporarily suspended?

You can call either HSBC Premier, HSBC Advance or HSBC Personal Banking Hotline, depending on your account type to reset your HSBC Voice ID services.