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Personal loan Eligibility Calculator

Kindly use the below calculator to find out the maximum loan amount you are
eligible for:

Terms and Conditions apply.

You can simply enter your details in the boxes or use the slider provided.

What is your monthly salary?


Kindly choose your nationality status.

Do you have a car loan?

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monthly installment

Do you have a mortgage?

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monthly installment

Do you have any other outstanding loans?

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monthly installment

What is the limit on your credit card?


Do you have an overdraft facility?

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Personal Loan Rate of Interest


Our Current Personal loan rate starts from 5.3%*
*Terms and conditions apply

Tenure (In Months)


Thank you for your input. Click on 'calculate' to know the maximum loan amount you are eligible for.

The maximum loan amount you
may be eligible for is (subject to the Bank's final approval)


Your monthly loan installment
may be


Interest rate


Tenure (In Months)


To find out the monthly loan
installment for a specific amount

click Here

Terms & Conditions :
The amount mentioned is for indicative purpose only. For loan amounts above those permitted by the calculator,
please visit your nearest HSBC branch. Final approved loan amounts are subject to bank verification and approval.

We will apply the relevant annual rate (on a 360 day basis) of interest on a monthly basis to your outstanding Loan balance. This is known as a Reducing Balance Method. We apply the interest rate to your Loan balance as it reduces each month (i.e. as you pay each scheduled Instalment). This means that the amount of interest that you pay, as a proportion of your monthly Instalment, will decrease over the period of the Loan as the Loan balance reduces. Interest will be calculated as per following formulae - The Daily Balance of the Loan * Total Annual Rate * number of days / 360)

At the beginning of the Loan we work out the total interest amount you will pay over the whole period of your Loan using the Reducing Balance Method, and we then add this to your capital Loan amount in order to calculate your monthly Instalments so that we can make your Instalments equal during the period of the Loan.

The total amount of the Loan (capital and interest), calculated in accordance with the clause above, is calculated on the assumption that all payments of Instalments are made on time and that the Loan Agreement is not ended early (i.e you don't settle the Loan in full before the end of the period of the Loan).


HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, Qatar Branch, P O Box 57, Doha, Qatar, regulated by Qatar Central Bank and lead regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority. V160701.1

Please enter the amount you
wish to borrow:


Please enter the tenure
(In Months):

The monthly loan installment
for the amount above will be:


* Term and conditions apply

Note :- The amount entered should be less than the amount you are eligible for