HSBC Premier

Get overseas support and endless rewards with HSBC Premier

  • Enjoy expert advice

    Enjoy expert advice

    Grow your wealth with the help of a committed HSBC Premier Relationship Manager and access to a team of Financial Planning Managers.

  • Enjoy exclusive benefits everyday

    Enjoy exclusive benefits everyday

    Expect pre-approved and preferential lending rates on loans and overdrafts, plus an HSBC Premier MasterCard with global privileges and complimentary travel insurance.

  • Protect your children

    Protect your children

    Safeguard your children financially if they're living abroad - with emergency services and a privileged HSBC Savings Account.

  • Get help wherever home is

    Get help wherever home is

    Transfer your funds between your global HSBC Premier Accounts - for free - and get instant emergency cash *. Plus open an International Premier or offshore account.

  • Free Global View and Global Transfers

    Access all your global HSBC Premier accounts at one place, with a single log-in online. Better still, you can transfer funds between them, for free.

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  • HSBC Premier Current Accounts

    Get an HSBC account that follows you worldwide, with an international debit card available in multiple currencies. Your Premier Account comes with a dedicated HSBC Premier Relationship Manager to help manage your money and take advantage of investment opportunities. Also benefit from 24/7 internet banking with Global View, to help manage all of your accounts with just one login.

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  • HSBC Premier MasterCard

    Wherever you are in the world, your HSBC Premier MasterCard is part of your seamless banking experience, providing you with an entire range of exclusive HSBC benefits and rewards - all with no yearly fee and appealing interest rates.

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  • Children's Online Savings Account

    Teach the next generation about the value of money with this exclusive account, and give your children the liberty to manage their money with your direction. Set limits and observe how much they're saving and spending.

    Want to apply? Speak to your HSBC Premier Relationship Manager or call us on 4438 2200.

  • Term Deposits

    Earn more with HSBC Term Deposit Accounts in a range of major currencies at preferential interest rates.

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  • Loans and Mortgages

    Take advantage of our best rates on a variety of.

    Personal loans
    Vehicle loans
    Home loans

Get global expertise:

Grow your wealth with the best minds in the global investment scene. With HSBC Premier, you have a dedicated HSBC Premier Relationship Managers and a team of Financial Planning Managers on hand.


HSBC Premier Relationship Managers:

Begin planning today, to make your future dreams become a reality. Our experienced HSBC Premier Relationship Managers will get to know you personally; the lifestyle that you currently have, your ambitions, and your attitude to risk. Supported by a team of local and global experts, they'll put a strategy together to help you reach your goals.

Financial planning specialists

Speak with an HSBC Premier Financial Planning Manager if you wish to discuss more complicated investment decisions. They're just a phone call away. Call your Premier Relationship Manager or call us on 4438 2200.

Investment opportunities

Choosing HSBC Premier means choosing the best of global investment opportunities. Watch your funds flourish with support from your Financial Planning Manager, who will make investment recommendations based on your goals and risk tolerance. With HSBC Premier, you'll get access to a wide range of international investment opportunities including mutual funds, capital-protected investments, wrapper bonds, specialized investment funds and structured deposits and notes. We offer HSBC investments together with carefully chosen solutions from the world's most important names in wealth management.

Enjoy exclusive everyday banking with HSBC

In addition to all HSBC Current and Savings Account services you'd expect, be the first in line for preferential lending rates on overdrafts, loans and mortgages.


Priority Banking:

Save time visiting HSBC branch locations with premier service areas and tellers, along with a dedicated Relationship Manager to assist with any inquiries or tasks.

Phone banking

Call 4438 2200 (within Qatar) or +974 4438 2200 (outside Qatar) for any enquiries about your account - we're here to help, whatever time you need us.

Internet banking:

Keep an eye on your HSBC Premier Account at all times. Pay bills effortlessly and securely, check account balances, and avail yourself of free global transfers between your HSBC accounts.

Worldwide support:

Get instant cash overseas and count on Emergency Assistance in over 8,500 branches world-wide. Wherever you are in the world, it's easy to remember that you can always call our worldwide Premier Hotline +1-908-PREMIER (+1-908-773 6437) for emergency assistance services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ensuring peace of mind.

Get started in a new country

Enjoy the same preferential rates and outstanding service, whether you're moving to Bahrain or Brazil. HSBC will help make your move as smooth as possible.


International banking

Before you travel, we'll take care of everything to make certain your international HSBC Premier Account is ready to go. This includes your new HSBC Premier Credit Card, Debit Card and Cheque Book. We can also transfer your credit history, to ensure similar credit levels in your new country.

Subject to local regulations.

Local expertise

Arrange a mortgage or apply for a personal loan - whatever your needs, we'll assign a local HSBC Premier Relationship Manager to help you settle into your new life overseas.

Free global view and global transfers

Access all of your global HSBC Premier accounts in one place, with a single log-in online. Additionally, you can transfer funds between them, free of charge.

Offshore banking

Optimize your tax position and develop your wealth with an offshore banking account. Speak with your HSBC Premier Relationship Manager for more information.

Review your new life

Take part in a free International Needs Review, which will help your HSBC Premier Relationship Manager identify realistic solutions to guarantee your financial needs are looked after, both at home and overseas.

Emergency cash

If your cards are lost or stolen, we'll provide 48hr replacement. If there's an emergency, we can arrange an instant cash advance of up to USD 2,000 everyday.*

Worldwide Premier Centres

Relax in the knowledge that in over 45 countries and territories, you've got access to more than 350 HSBC Premier Centres to support you with your banking services.

Cover your children abroad

Support your children financially when they're studying or living overseas.


Family Financial Planning

Put in place plans for your children's future. Your HSBC Premier Relationship Manager will work to develop a strategy that suits your objectives and goals, like putting a deposit down or funding a first car or home.

Children's online saving account

Give your children the liberty to manage their own money, under your supervision. Set limits so they can withdraw a specific amount of money and, with joint access, observe how much they're saving.

Global Safety Net:

Guarantee your children are never left stranded abroad, by setting up an International HSBC Premier Bank Account in advance. The account will give your children access to emergency cash of up to USD 2,000 * per day (with your authorization), and an extra credit card with a pre-set limit (and 48hr credit card replacement when lost or stolen). You will also have access to a free emergency hotline +1 908 Premier (+1 908 773 6437) for direct international assistance.

There's more to a journey than taking off and landing

There's more to a journey than taking off and landing

Make your journey a more relaxing and rewarding experience. When you travel overseas, your HSBC Premier MasterCard won't just get you to your destination - it will improve the quality of your travels at every step of the journey.


  • Complimentary access to the Oryx Lounge at Doha International Airport, regardless of your travel class
  • Earn one Air Mile for every riyal you spend globally, and use them to fly anywhere, on any airline for free**
Feel protected wherever you travel to

Feel protected wherever you travel

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, HSBC Premier will ensure that you're never far from a team who can lend you a helping hand.


  • Access to 350 HSBC Premier Centres worldwide
  • Free 24/7 hotline that delivers worldwide assistance
  • Emergency cash advance of USD 2,000 everyday*
  • 48hr replacement of your card if it's lost or stolen
Wherever your children go, they'll never be far from home

Wherever your children go, we've got them covered.

HSBC Premier privileges don't just stop with you - they also include your family. So whether your children are travelling on vacation or off to college, the worldwide network that supports you will also look after them.



Services include:

  • An international account opening facility in over 40 countries
  • An additional HSBC MasterCard with limits you set, also with 48hr replacement
  • Up to USD 2,000* emergency cash, with your authorization
Make the ordinary extraordinary, wherever you go

Make the ordinary extraordinary, wherever you go

Wherever your travels take you, you'll never be far from a satisfying experience with your HSBC Premier MasterCard. Our international rewards surprise even the most frequent traveller, and can be enjoyed at home or abroad.


  • Exceptional offers from high-end restaurants and retailers
  • Privileges from world-class hotels and travel companies
  • Exclusive entertainment experiences worldwide
  • Indulgent health and beauty offers for absolute relaxation

All account holders are required to complete the account opening process by personally visiting any of our branches with the following documents:

  • Original passport with valid residence/work permit and Qatar ID issued by the Ministry of Interior (for expatriates)
  • Qatar ID issued by Ministry of Interior (Qatari nationals)
  • Introduction letter
  • Proof of residence – a copy of an electricity bill /telephone bill/rental agreement
  • Salary letter as required for applicable facilities









Safeguard and invest your wealth, while enjoying premium banking services.

Ready to apply? Apply now

*Subject to the availability of funds in your account. It is conditional and subject to approval if higher than a max of USD 10,000.

**Subject to availability, fees and surcharges and credit criteria. Terms and Conditions apply.

Please click here for a detailed account of the Terms & Conditions of the HSBC Premier Credit Card.

All Premier Accounts are subject to our Premier Tariff of Charges as applicable. HSBC Premier Terms and Conditions apply.