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Visa Platinum Credit Card

HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

The HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card provides a wide range of exclusive benefits and privileges that go with you, wherever your travels take you, around the globe.


  • Up to 56 days interest-free credit on purchases
  • Flexible payment options, with a minimum payment of 5%
  • Get competitive interest rates on retail purchases
  • Up to two free additional cards for your family - with a shared card limit, no one is ever left in a bind
  • Access your HSBC Account internationally - with the Global View service, you can transfer money and pay your bills across all of your HSBC credit cards, current, and savings accounts using your HSBC Visa Platinum card
  • Free SMS alerts sent to you for every transaction on your credit card


  • Special offers
  • The Air Miles Rewards Programme for frequent fliers
  • HSBC Traveller Programme - book your vacation package and pay for it in instalments with no interest for up to six months
  • Credit Shield Plus

Instant Cash

Get access to Instant Cash for up to 50% of your credit limit with your HSBC Platinum Credit Card at over 810,000 ATMs worldwide, or over the counter at any global HSBC branch that displays the VISA or MasterCard symbols. A cash advance fee will be charged for each withdrawal.

Useful Information

Interest-Free Days

Your HSBC Platinum Credit Card provides up to 56 interest-free days, providing you pay off your outstanding balance in full by the due date.

Flexible payment options

Your HSBC Platinum Credit Card gives you the option to pay as little as 5% of your outstanding balance each month, and carry forward the remaining balance to your next statement. You can choose to pay any mount you wish between 5% and 100% of your outstanding balance each month.

Choose from the following options to make your card payments:
- A standing instruction to debit your HSBC savings or current Account
- An online payment through HSBC's internet banking service, transferring funds from your HSBC savings or current account
- A cash payment at any HSBC branch or cash deposit machines in-branch
- A cheque payment to: HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, P.O. Box 57, Doha Qatar

Air Miles Rewards Programme

Air Miles Rewards Programme

Earn 1 Air Mile for every QAR1 spent on retail purchases and redeem miles for your preferred airline tickets.



You can use your Air Miles for shopping vouchers, entertainment, electronics and accommodation, or donations to charity. The choices are limitless.


  • Get Air Miles twice at a host of outlets in Qatar, the UAE and Bahrain by showing your Air Miles Card when you shop with your HSBC Platinum Credit Card

Go to airmilesme.com or call +974 4444 9210 for more details.

Air Miles collected on your HSBC Platinum Credit Card will be shown on your card statement and will be transferred to your Air Miles account each month.

* The time period between two subsequent monthly card statements.

Air travel redemptions

Enjoy exclusive rates on air travel redemptions and redeem tickets from your preferred airline operating in Qatar, on all travel classes and at any time.* Simply:

  • Log on to airmilesme.com using your Air Miles Card number
  • Select 'Choose from our fantastic range of rewards'
  • Choose 'Flights' to see where you can fly next

*Subject to ticket availability. Taxes are paid by the HSBC Cardholder.

Free HSBC Entertainer mobile app

With the HSBC Entertainer on mobile, you’ll never miss out on an offer. So whether you feel like having Mexican food for lunch, disconnecting from work with a scuba dive or unwinding with a massage at a 5-star hotel, you can now get the nearest offers straight off your phone.


Exclusive to HSBC Credit Card customers, the HSBC Entertainer mobile app is free and gives you the following benefits:
  •  Instant access to over 8,000 ’Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ offers
  •  Offers across 15 countries: Bahrain, Cyprus, Egypt, England, Hong Kong, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates
  •  Offers for your whole family covering dining, entertainment, hotel accommodation and wellness
  •  Helps you easily locate offers near you or in specific areas such as malls and hotels

HSBC Entertainer app terms and conditions apply.

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HSBC Credit Shield Plus**

Credit Shield Plus is an optional feature which offers you a waiver of the outstanding balance on your credit card in the event of your Death, Permanent Total Disability or Critical Illness and 15% of your monthly outstanding balance for up to 6 months in the event of Involuntary Loss of Employment for employed eligible primary cardholders or Temporary Total Disability for self-employed eligible primary cardholders.

This optional feature costs only 0.60% of your monthly outstanding balance.

Summary of Cover

Prevent fraud on your HSBC Platinum Credit Card

Credit card, debit card and Internet fraud can often be prevented. Most thieves use stolen credit cards within 48 hours. Call HSBC directly on our 24-hour helpline 44382 200 to report a lost card.

Keeping your HSBC Platinum Credit Card safe

  • Treat your card like cash - never leave it unattended
  • As soon as you receive your new card, sign the back immediately
  • Don't give your card number over the phone unless you know the company well and you placed the call
  • Draw a line through the blank space above the total on all charge slips to prevent any alterations
  • Never sign blank charge slips
  • Check your card statements regularly and contact HSBC immediately if you notice any irregularity. All errors should be reported to us within 30 days of the statement mailing date
  • Record card numbers, phone numbers and expiration dates. Keep this record in a secure place and away from your cards, incase you need to report them lost or stolen
  • Don't put your card or personal identification numbers (PIN) together, or put your PIN on your card or in your wallet
  • If you're travelling, only carry the cards that you need
  • To enable HSBC to help you more effectively, keep your contact details updated including your mobile number
  • If your card is taken by the ATM, please inform HSBC immediately by calling 4442 4722
  • If your HSBC Platinum Credit Card is ever lost or stolen, contact us immediately on 4442 4722 to report it missing. Note that it is vital to verify yourself as the cardholder on the phone
  • Please do not provide any personal/ financial or debit card related information to an unknown website or respond to any email seeking such information from you

The Internet

  • Only shop through websites that offer secure ordering and payments
  • While on the checkout page of a shopping website, ensure the site uses a secure server before you give out your financial information. If the URL (web address) starts with "https://" then the site uses a secure server
  • Only deal with companies that show their privacy policy on their websites and always read the stated privacy policy. While some websites may ask for personal data, the only information a merchant requires to process your order is the card name, credit card number and expiration date

Supplementary Card Benefits

  • No Annual Fees – Enjoy upto 2 supplementary cards with no annual fees
  • Free HSBC Entertainer App – Free download of our ’Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ mobile app with over 8,000 offers across 15 countries
  • Air Miles – Earn 1 Air Mile for every QAR 1 spent on retail purchases with our Air Miles Reward Programme

An HSBC Credit Card customised to your personal needs and lifestyle choices.

Ready to apply? Have us call you

*Terms & Conditions apply

1. Excludes taxes and surcharges.
2. Confirmation of value-added services to be availed should to be provided 48 hours prior to the time of departure, and is not available if tickets are purchased by redeeming Air Miles or on budget airlines.
3. Changes made to a confirmed service will remain subject to availability.
4. The time period between two subsequent monthly HSBC Credit Card statements.

**Credit Shield Plus is provided by American Life Insurance Company (Alico).